Embark! Photography


Simply put, Embark! Photography is:
expressive, bold, artistic photography.

  • Idea

    Embark! Photography is a project developed by Zac Woodside focusing on the surreal, the abandoned and the forgotten while aiming to evoke a sense of melancholy and awe simultaneously. Embark! Photography is especially fascinated with urban exploration, documenting street art and the promotion of emerging musicians.

  • Mission

    Continually striving to produce the most compelling and unique digital content possible, Embark! Photography is deeply committed to documenting and promoting the performing and visual arts locally and regionally-while simultaneously striving to provide a platform to both emerging and well-established artists and musicians alike.

  • Services

    Many tools, one toolbox. Embark! Photography produces bold and expressive digital content in the form of photography, videography, graphic and web design in order to establish and promote your new or existing brand identity. For more detailed information regarding Embark! Photography’s capabilities, please visit the services page.

  • Gear

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  • Community

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  • Quality

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